Saturday, May 31, 2014

Here's a view of the Altgens doorway from farther back:

What would you say about the pattern of Doorman's shirt? Would you say it looks plaid? Of course, you wouldn't. 

And even when you come in close, it doesn't look plaid; but it does have a splotchy contrast that is hard to define.

Well, according to Mrs. Lovelady, FBI agents showed up at their home the evening of November 23 with an enlargement of Doorman that was "as big as a desk". Imagine how much distortion that entailed. But, did the FBI agents recognize it as distortion? Of course not. 

These were the same numbnuts who posed Lovelady in the clothes he wore on 11/22 and took his picture, and had him unbutton the shirt so as to look like Doorman, but without realizing that it removed him from the running as Doorman. 

 So, it's no surprise that they would see distortion in the blow-up of Doorman's shirt and not recognize it as such.   

And, besides taking his picture, they even put it in writing:
"He stated that he wore a red and white striped shirt and blue jeans."  It is a categorical statement; it means what it means. 

With the above, the genie is out of the bottle, and there is no getting her back in. Lovelady said he wore the short-sleeved striped shirt; he showed up in those clothes on 2/29/64, and he unbuttoned the shirt- no doubt because they told him to do so. 

David Lifton suggested that Lovelady lied about this because "he wanted to distance himself from Oswald." David, people don't lie to the FBI. They know that is not a good idea. They know it is not in their best interest. Lovelady said it because Lovelady wore it- the short-sleeved, red and white striped shirt.  

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