Saturday, May 31, 2014

Backes, this guy on the right wasn't Lovelady. He is anatomically different from Lovelady; therefore, he wasn't Lovelady. 

The issue of whether he looks like a gorilla is not really the point. Since he's not Lovelady, we had to call him something, and Jim Fetzer coined the name "Gorilla Man", which I happen to agree with. In fact, my first choice was "Neanderthal Man" but Jim being the Chairman and all, we went with his idea. But, the point is that he was a man, but he was not Lovelady. 

Now, you can spend your whole life trying to say that A is B, or trying to stuff square pegs into round holes (which, in your case can be taken literally because of what you do with proscenium arches) but it's never going to turn Gorilla Man into Billy Lovelady. They have different features, large and small. He's not Lovelady. He's not. He really isn't. 

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