Saturday, May 31, 2014

This is the scene in Arthur Miller's A View From The Bridge in which Marco demonstrates his strength by lifting a chair with one arm: grasping it by one leg and from the very bottom. He was sending a message to the other big guy Eddie to lay off his cousin Rudolofo who was courting Eddie's adopted daughter Catherine. In the above performance, they must have used an exceptionally light chair that was specifically made or adapted for the performance. But, here's what Joseph Backes would say:

"Yes, the man is still Superman. How? How could he support the weight of a chair? A man, a man lifting a chair? What, is he Superman? Only people who think that men are Supermen would believe that a man, a man, is lifting a chair." 

Backes, it's not that he's lifting it; it's how he's lifting it. And it's a shame that rational thought is such heavy lifting for you. 

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