Saturday, May 31, 2014

Great. Now we have another motorcade image of a mother and baby to look at, and this one is real.

Notice that she is using two arms to hold her baby. Notice that she is forgoing waving at the President because she's not going to risk her baby to do it. Let's compare her to the Towner Mother and Baby up close.

It may look to you like the Towner woman has got her left arm going over to support the baby, but that is NOT happening because her left arm is waving at the President. Why it looks like that, I do not know. But the other woman had got her right arm going around the baby's backside, and her left arm coming around to reinforce it. So, she has both arms securing that baby, as she foregoes waving at the President. The Towner woman has neither arm going around her baby. Her baby is apparently just levitating. Maybe the baby took lessons from Mark O'Blase'. He's into that kind of thing. 

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