Wednesday, November 1, 2017

On McAdam's forum, Sparta points to the blackened eyes of "Blackie" Harrison below to justify the black discs around the eyes of "Sunglasses Ruby".  My response to that is that this is the JFK assassination we're talking about (although specifically it's the Oswald assassination) and since it is the most photographically altered event of all time, I can't vouch for any image. So, that could have been faked too. Notice that there is no shadow around the eye of the guy in the black hat in the distance. 

And there are plenty of other frames of Blackie in which his eyes don't look like that. Look at these:

And this last one was taken just 15 second before they came out:

So, it certainly raises doubt about this:

But regardless, and I do want to emphasize the word regardless, it lends no legitimacy to this:

The idea that a lesser degree of something can be used to justify a severe and extreme of something is a logical fallacy. 

Now, listen up, Sparta. You need to quit flapping your lips and get your camera out. Let's see you duplicate this:

I don't care about your opinions. I don't respect you. Let's see you duplicate that so-called shadow. And until you do, you are wasting your time trying to influence me. 

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