Wednesday, November 1, 2017

This is a letter I sent to someone I would rather not name. But, it was in response to his claim that Ruby had to kill Oswald because Frank Sturgis probably threatened to bash his head in if he didn't and do likewise to his family.

XX, you don't have any proof, nor any evidence at all, that Frank Sturgis threatened to smash Ruby's head if he didn't kill Oswald and then do the same to his family. 

What if Frank Sturgis threatened to bash YOUR head in and then do the same to your family? Are you going to kill somebody for him? Of course not. There isn't anybody who could make that threat to you and get what he wants. Is there? And yet, you assume that Jack Ruby would submit to it. But, you don't even know Jack Ruby. You never met him. So, how can you claim to know that he would do that? 

And, let's turn it around and look at it from Frank Sturgis' perspective. He threatens Ruby, and Ruby does it. But then, Ruby is arrested and charged and prosecuted. He loses everything. Why should Sturgis be confident that Ruby isn't going to squeal? And if not immediately, eventually. Why would he want to go to sleep every night worrying whether Ruby is going to be influenced by his lawyers, his family, or others to tell what he knows? 

As you know, John Armstrong uncovered an amazingly sinister plot involving Harvey and Lee that revolved around creating a very complex illusion. Well, they created a very complex illusion about Jack Ruby too. The photographic analysis proves that the Ruby at the DPD on Friday afternoon was not the real Jack Ruby. And, I've got to tell you: the images rule. Nothing trumps them. The verdict of the images is binding. So, they had a Jack Ruby double. Not someone who was living his life as Jack Ruby the way both Harvey and Lee were living their lives as Lee Harvey Oswald. But nonetheless, a Jack Ruby double. And the very fact of that should set off alarm bells in your head. 

The photographic and film manipulation from the Oswald shooting is even worse than for Kennedy's killing. We have identified so many lies told by the Dallas Police. A very important one was only discovered recently, and I mean in the last week, and that is that Detective Graves lied. He lied when he said he rode in the ambulance with Oswald.He didn't. For one thing, there was no room for him. But, if you watch the KRLD footage, you see the ambulance leave out the Commerce Street ramp, turning left on Commerce, even though it was a just a short hop right to the corner of Harwood, in which turning right would have put them on a straight path north to Parkland Hospital. That was the fastest and most direct route. It would have meant driving the wrong way for about 200 feet on Commerce to get to Harwood, but traffic was already completely stopped; cops were everywhere; and it was an ambulance. They were basically on Harwood. It was the corner of Harwood and Commerce. The address was Harwood: 106 S. Harwood. So, there is no excuse that they didn't. But, you can see in the footage that a lone police car pulled out behind the ambulance driven by a guy in a fedora hat, just like the one Graves wore. So, he was behind the ambulance. But, when they arrived at Parkland, Graves was in front of the ambulance. So, how did that happen? You can't tell me that he raced to overtake a speeding ambulance. What for? It's not like the ambulance needed a police escort. There were two other policemen in it: Leavelle and Dhority. So, the fact that the order got changed tells me that they stopped somewhere. And when they took off again, Graves led the way. That's not a speculation. It is a deduction. 

It is a fact the JFK community, in seeking alternatives to the official story of the Oswald shooting, has gone in precisely the wrong direction. 180 degrees wrong. And they were led to go that way; led by all the phony Ruby sightings. And that way is the way of Ruby being involved as an operative in the JFK assassination. Some even have him planting the "Magic Bullet" on the stretcher in Parkland Hospital. I'm telling you it is all wrong. Just as Oswald had nothing to do with killing Kennedy, neither did Ruby. And, he was tricked into thinking he shot Oswald. He knew he was subject to blackouts and blankouts, where people told him he did things that he couldn't remember doing. He was an amphetamine addict, plus he was a severe insomniac. If you check the record, you'll see that in the 4 days leading up to the Oswald shooting, he got a total of about 7 hours sleep. And that was typical. It's the way he lived. So, no wonder he had blackouts and blankouts.   

And why would the plotters have trusted Jack Ruby with any aspect of the JFK assassination? He was a scatterbrain and a talkaholic. He had diarrhea of the mouth. I bet he never kept a secret in his life. 

Jack Ruby did NOT shoot Oswald; the photographic evidence proves it. The Garage Shooter was NOT Ruby. And that means that this very dark story is even darker and more sinister than anyone realized. 


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