Thursday, July 31, 2014

Big question tonight: Could the guy in the Fedora hat standing in the west corner of the TSBD doorway be Jack Ruby?

On the right below, is Jack Ruby's Fedora hat. 

Vickie Adams said that when she got outside, she saw Jack Ruby "barking orders and acting like a cop." You know he had to be in Dealey Plaza. I've always thought that this was him in the Altgens photo.

It was the perfect spot for him to be, where he could watch the action on Elm St. and also keep his eye on the TSBD where the patsy lingered. I believe he was looking at Oswald in the above picture. The Woman and Boy were put into the picture to cover him up. The boy is too elevated. She can't be holding him (unless she's Superwoman) and there is nothing there for him to be standing on. So, Ruby would have had a very short walk to the doorway. And, it would be in keeping with Jack Ruby's character for him to intrude over there as the police were monitoring the doorway. 

I'm asking if you think it COULD be him. I am not saying that I know that it is. 

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