Thursday, July 31, 2014

This image came from Robin Unger. He says it comes from the Towner film, but I don't see it in any version I have seen online. 
Furthermore, the image does not make sense. 

Do you see that halo on top of the woman's head? It's not a halo; it's her left hand. That hand is supposedly waving at the President. 
But, how could her hand be on top of her head? Don't arms go out to the side when you wave them? They don't go right above your head, do they? And if her hand is up there, how come we can't see her arm taking it up there? Hands are always attached to arms, aren't they? They don't grow out of heads, do they? And doesn't it look like her left arm is going across to support the baby? It looks that way to me. But, it's not. As I said, her left arm is being raised, and she is waving at the President. That is a "story" in the movie. And if her left arm is NOT supporting the baby, then what IS supporting the baby? Because, we can't see her right arm doing it. So, if she's not holding the baby with her left arm, and she is not holding the baby with her right arm, then who or what is holding up that baby? 

This is all we get to see when we check for this woman and baby in the Towner film online:

Unger says she manifests properly in the DVD of the Towner film that he has, but I say she was never there, that the Woman and Baby were techno-art that were added to the film, and they just don't transfer very well to the digital environment. But, whether you believe me about that or not, if you look at the image, you KNOW it isn't real. You KNOW that is not a woman who has her left arm raised and waving at the President. It is an impossible image, and therefore, it is a false and fraudulent image. 

I don't say Unger did it, but he posts it, and he vouches for it, and I hold him responsible for that. EVERYONE should denounce this as a fraudulent image. 

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