Thursday, July 31, 2014

This is Part 4 of my demolition of the Lovelady films. Last time, I pointed out that this gif below is very misleading, one reason being that it is incomplete. The Martin side is complete, but the Hughes side is not. Hughes showed a lot more of the Lovelady figure. In Hughes, the Lovelady figure starts over at the east wall and he walks to the center. That's what was left out.

And, it's a very big deal that it was left out because it's that early portion in which the highly distorted frames of him occur. How bad are they? Pretty damn bad. 

This was made by stopping the Hughes film on Youtube and doing a PrintScrn. What it shows is that his image was contorting and distorting for the first four seconds or so. Then when he reaches the center of the doorway, his image stabilizes, and that's the part Unger shows. It's also the part that correlates to the Martin film. I included several frames in which he looks OK, but then, at the very end, it distorts again with a white flash atop his head. None of the distorted frames were included in Unger's gif.  

I'm sure that a better quality gif than this could be made, but it would still show essentially the same thing. In other words, it would be clearer and sharper, but the same distortions would be evident. 

Here is the link so that you can see for yourself.  It starts at 1:33.

For the first 4 or 5 seconds, he is oscillating in and out of distortion, and sometimes, it is severe. 

Remember that someone took one of those distorted images and did this with it:

It wasn't done by me or anyone working with me. It was done by the other side. But, why would they do it that way? They had to because that is the way he was. 

Of course, it's noise. He wasn't dressed like that. He is supposed to be wearing a plaid shirt, like this.

So, the question is: how did he get so distorted? Look at him at the 1 minute 36 second mark:

That is freaky distortion! And there are lots of frames like that. But, there is no innocent explanation for it. And, you can't blame Youtube either. It is integral to the film. 

And it's not as though everyone in the film displays such distortion. It is unique to him So, why him? 

The reason, I believe, is because he wasn't really there. It is a video merger. His video was added to the real video. And of course, it wasn't the first time that was done. A Lovelady figure was put at the desk in the squad room of the Homicide detectives at the Dallas PD. 

That guy wasn't there either. Lovelady, himself, said that he never saw Oswald again that day after they broke for lunch. And look at the distortion in this image where his hair looks swept back beyond the margin of his head. He looks like the Fonz. He wasn't like that. The color is bleeding. He also has black bleed at his elbow and along his forearm down to his wrist. This is distortion due to the video merging. And, he is the only one who undergoes it. You can't blame Youtube when it only affects him. And, it's the same thing in Hughes film.

I've got more to say about this, but for now, just dwell on the fact that in Martin, Lovelady seems to have a big head compared to others in the frame with him, whereas in Hughes, Lovelady seems to have a small head compared to others in the frame with him. So, how can they be the same guy? 

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