Thursday, July 31, 2014

You can't trust anything that Robin Unger shows you because either he, or somebody with whom he is associated, photoshops color into images. There are phony enhancements and upgrades going on. The bottom one is from him; the top one is how it really was. 

You see that nice pink color to Lovelady's shirt? That isn't real. It isn't in the film. Not any version of the film. That was photoshopped in. It was done with software. Unger posts doctored frames, and that is how he lies. And the nice thing for him is that most people are not prepared for it. They are used to being lied to with words, and so they're on-guard for that. But, they're not used to being lied to with pictures, and certainly not with frames from movies. And so, they assume that what he shows them is real- that the movie really is that way. It's not. And this little cheat is particularly crucial, and I'll explain why in Part 4 of my series.   

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