Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I contacted Richard Miodownick, who runs the Oswald is Innocent Facebook page, and I asked him to ban Lance Upperpunk, which he promptly did.  Thank you, Rich.

And, there is something I told Rich that I think is an important point for everyone to consider. I told him that the way to distinguish a fake Oswald defender, like Upperpunk, from a real one is that the fake one never actually defends Oswald. 

How many times has Lance Upperpunk written a blog attacking the case against Oswald, demonstrating how phony and shoddy the evidence is, and pointing to the chicanery of not only the conspirators at the time but their modern mouthpieces? The answer is: never! He devotes all his time to attacking real Oswald defenders, such as myself. 

So, why does he even call himself an Oswald defender? It's because he's trying to win favor with CTs.  He's got nothing to accomplish with LNs. That would be like singing to the choir. So instead, he calls himself a CT, and occasionally, he makes a general statement that there are better ways to defend Oswald than to say he was in the doorway. But, he never actually gets to any of those ways. When has he ever written a blog attacking the case against Oswald and showing what a sham it is? He never has. 

Lance Upperpunk, like bpete, is one of the many Ops who are working the JFK coverup from the UK. They get people from over there because it's English-speaking, but it's also far away. 

Mensa question: Would a real Oswald defender provide a link to a guy who claims that Oswald locked and loaded from the 6th floor pumping rounds into Kennedy?

Wouldn't that be like me providing a link to John McAdams?

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