Thursday, July 31, 2014

bpete said that Oswald "locked and loaded" from the 6th floor. He said that it was a term from his old army days with his M16 rifle. I knew he had said something like that- locked and loaded- and then it hit me. 

But now, bpete has regrets. He wishes he hadn't said that. And that's because he'd like to be wishy-washy about his status about whether Oswald was innocent or guilty. And that's because he has nothing to win with LNs that he hasn't already won. It's only CTs that are fertile ground to him. So he, like a lot of other Ops, and particular the ones from the UK where he is, like to either pretend to be Oswald defenders or at least be vague and non-committal about it. 

Well, it's too late bpete. You've had two years. You should have started by laying out your whole theory of the crime in minute detail. But no, you didn't do that. And that's because you're an attack dog. That's what you are paid for. That's what enables you to buy your $1500 suits. 

So, get this, and get it straight, you limey bastard. You ARE Mr. Lock and Load. I carved that into your forehead, and the scars are deep and permanent. You can't undo it. You have Oswald locking and loading on the 6th floor. You said it. Now go drown your sorrows in some Grey Goose. 

P.S. I got your buddy Neal banned too. 

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