Friday, September 26, 2014

I just sent this to Medical Professionals for 9/11 Truth, of which I am a member. I hope some good comes from it.

I am already a member and I already signed the petition.  I am writing because this is the only email address I could find for the group. I want to ask the members to consider some anatomical evidence I found that could be very important.

It concerns Ted and Barbara Olson. You know the story about how he reported getting cell phone calls from his wife on 9/11 from AA 77. Later, the FBI determined that no such call took place; that they never connected. Then Olson changed his story to that she called him from the seat-back phone until American Airlines reported that the plane had no such phones. Barbara Olson's calls are the only source of the claim that the hijackers used "box-cutters".

Several years after 9/11, Ted Olson married another woman, one Lady Evelyn Booth, who was also an attorney like Barbara, who was the same height as Barbara, and looked like she could be Barbara after having lost weight and undergone extensive facial plastic surgery.

There is a lot available about this online. Here's a very good link:

There are a lot of photographic comparisons of Barbara Olson and Lady Booth Olson, but I have done what I believe is the first close-up comparison of their ears. And as you know, ears are like fingerprints, and no two are the same.

I have attached the collage of their ears, with Lady Booth Olson's on the left and Barbara Olson's on the right. The angle are different- about 90 degrees different- and that has to be discounted. But, I believe that when you do discount it, that they appear to be the same ear. The top of the helix on both flares out sharply, while the rest of the ear is very streamlined and flush with the side of the head. The thickness of the cartilage of the crown of the helix is the same on both. We see the same long lobule on both. The anti-helix is exactly the same on both.  The likeness of the two ears is compelling.

I'll also attach some whole images of them. And let's think about this: We know that AA 77 did not crash into the Pentagon, and it didn't crash anywhere. So, the plane landed somewhere. What happened to the passengers? Did they all transition into new lives and new identities?  Is this what we're seeing with Barbara Olson? I'm asking doctors, particularly ENT doctors and cranial surgeons and anyone who is well versed in ear anatomy to look at these images of their ears and see what they think. I think the match is compelling.  Please send this out to the members of Medical Professionals for 9/11 Truth. Thank you. Ralph Cinque, DC

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