Sunday, September 28, 2014

Linda and I are enjoying this show called Scandal which is a Netflix show. It's a little like House of Cards. There was an episode tonight in which there was a plane crash in which everyone on-board died. And this is a frame from the crash scene.

You see a leg there, don't you. Well, nobody saw any legs at the Pentagon, and they didn't see any other body parts either. And nobody saw any legs or body parts in Pennsylvania either. 

And when I say that nobody saw any body parts at the Pentagon,  I mean not inside nor outside the Pentagon. April Gallop worked there, and she had to crawl out through the hole with her infant son. She saw no bodies. She saw no body parts. And she didn't even see any plane parts. 

Like the lies about the JFK assassination, the lies about the 9/11 attacks shall not stand. 9/11 was an inside job. The towers were imploded. The Pentagon was hit with a missile. Everything they have told us about it is a lie.  And, the lies are going down. 

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