Thursday, September 25, 2014

It seems like Ted Olson goes for a certain type woman and a certain height woman. 

Now let's compare the ear of Barbara Olson to that of Lady Booth Olson.

That I consider to be very consistent. The top of the helix flares out on both, while the rest of the ear is pretty flat on both.  The top of the helix looks like thick cartilage which tapers down to narrower cartilage as it descends. We're seeing the same long lobule on both. The anti-helix (inner ring) look exactly the same on both. The angles of view are very different, but that has to be discounted. And, when you do discount it, you get the impression of it being the very same ear; there are no dealbreakers. 

And one thing is absolutely sure: this woman has undergone facial plastic surgery.

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