Friday, September 26, 2014

Think the OIC is not an active organization? Think we're not integrated and coordinated and united? I put out the clarion call about this claim that LBJ got the idea from Robert Kennedy to appoint Allen Dulles to the WC. 

First, listen to this phone conversation between LBJ and Hoover a few days after 11/22 in which LBJ says that he was thinking of assigning Allen Dulles to the commission. Start listening at 2:55.

LBJ: "What do you think about Allen Dulles?"
Hoover: "I think he would be a good man."  

LBJ didn't say "Robert Kennedy suggested Allen Dulles" or "I'm leaning towards Allen Dulles to please Robert Kennedy." Wouldn't he have mentioned it were that the case? This clearly shows that Dulles was Johnson's idea, not RFK's. 

The one who brought this to my attention is Professor James Norwood:

Ralph and All,

Within days of the assassination, Lyndon Johnson spoke by telephone with FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover.  In discussing the formation of the Warren Commission, the first name that came to mind to the new president as a member of the commission was Allen Dulles.  Of course, Hoover heartily agreed with his old friend and new boss. 

The phone conversation may be accessed on this video with the call starting at 3:05 and the name of Allen Dulles mentioned at approximately 4:05 into the program: 

In the days following the death of JFK, it is preposterous to give the slightest credence to the proposition that a grief-stricken Bobby Kennedy was consulted about the composition of the yet-undetermined commission.


Other members have also piped in:

Jim Fetzer: 


This is pathetic. They can't cope with the editing of the Zapruder film, the proof of multiple assassins or that Lee was in the doorway so they resort to how Lyndon selected the e members of the commission? LBJ knew every political figure in Washington, D.C., like the back of his hand. He appointed exactly those he knew would deliver the predetermined outcome. Bobby would have had no reason to suggest the man his brother had removed as Director of the CIA to be on the committee that would investigate his death. That is absurd on its face. But with modern technology, it is possible to create fake documents and conversations, much less fake photos and films, so whatever they may think they have, it can't be authentic. Fill me in on the details, but this looks like one more ruse for those grasping after straws.


Larry Rivera:

That is nonsense. Tell them to read David Talbot's book, Brothers. 

So, what did David Talbot say about Allen Dulles? This is what he said at the JFK Symposium last year at Duquesne University:

...I think what we're going to show over the next few years is that Allen Welsh Dulles was much more centrally involved in the assassination of President Kennedy, and its cover-up, than Lee Harvey Oswald. 

Fifty years later, it's finally time to give the man his rightful place in history. In his day, Allen Dulles was America's most legendary spymaster, the longest-serving director of the CIA. He took great pleasure in regaling the public about his espionage triumphs. But, for obvious reasons, he could never take credit for his biggest and boldest covert operation: 
the killing of the President of the United States in broad daylight on the streets of an American city. 

I hope that my forthcoming book, which will be titled "The Devil's Chessboard: Allen Dulles, JFK and the Epic Battle for America's Soul" will at long last give Mr. Dulles his due. As I say in my title of my remarks this morning, I believe Allen Dulles truly was the "Chairman of the Board of the Kennedy Assassination." 

In September 1965, nearly two years after Kennedy was violently removed from office, Allen Dulles went for a stroll near his home in Georgetown with a young magazine editor named William Morris. The old spymaster, long since retired, struck Morris as an amiable, avuncular character until the name Kennedy suddenly came up in the conversation. Suddenly a dark cloud crossed the old man's brow. 

"That little Kennedy," he spat out. "He thought he was a god." 

Allen Dulles knew who the true overlords of American power were. (They were) men like him and his brother, not Jack and Bobby Kennedy. The Kennedys were mere upstarts in comparison to the Dulles family. The Dulles dynasty boasted diplomats and international bankers and three secretaries of state. The Kennedy clan, by comparison, was distinguished by saloon keepers and ward healers. When paterfamilias Joseph Kennedy was amassing his fortune as a movie mogul and stock gambler, Dulles and his older brother were running Wall Street from their perch at the world's largest law firm, Sullivan and Cromwell and creating a new global financial order. 

During the Cold War, President Eisenhower outsourced the country's foreign policy to the Dulles Brothers, with Secretary of State John Foster Dulles serving as the architect of Washington's global crusade against communism, and Allen Dulles carrying out the darker chores of empire. 

Soviet leader Nikita Krushchev who kept looking for a way out of the Cold War noose but found himself repeatedly checkmated by the Dulleses remarked at one point, "One shuddered at what great force was in the Dulles Brothers' hands." 

The Dulles Brothers stood at the very apex of American power, straddling an elite network that connected Wall Street, Washington, big oil and international finance. John Foster Dulles was the ultimate counselor for that overworld that ruled the country's government and business, and his younger brother Allen was at privileged circles master of intrigue and subversion, its enforcer... 

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