Sunday, September 28, 2014

The idea that Robert Kennedy nominated Allen Dulles to be on the Warren Commission to Allen Dulles is insane. Why would he want his brother's bitter enemy, a man whom he fired, involved?

I found the record of LBJ's recorded phone call with Hoover about it.  Officially, it's listed as having happened on November 29 close to 2 PM, but it's suspect. November 29 was the very day that the forming of the Warren Commission and its members was announced. But, this phone conversation sounds very much like a first conversation that LBJ and Hoover had about it. LBJ banters about several candidates: Dulles, McCloy, Boggs, and others, to get Hoover's opinion. But, neither of them even brought up Earl Warren. How was it possible that on November 29, the very day the thing went public, that they would fail to mention Earl Warren?

Here's a list of LBJ's phone calls from November 22 to November 30. RFK is not listed.

Now listen: it is INSANE to suggest that LBJ would bring up Allen Dulles to J. Edgar Hoover without mentioning that the idea came from Robert Kennedy- if it had. It is stark raving mad. It's plain as day that LBJ was speaking for himself when he put forward the name of Allen Dulles. He didn't start saying that it was RFK's idea until after RFK was dead. He was lying. He was Lyin' Lyndon. He was a pathological liar. Read LBJ: Mastermind by Phil Nelson if you don't believe me.

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