Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Backes thinks it's a big deal that Gary Fannin left. He didn't think it was a big deal when Gary Fannin came in, but he thinks it's a big deal that he left. 

And Backes would rather talk about that than answer the question about why Prayer Man as Oswald is "possible."

Backes described the claim as "honest research." 

But, what makes the claim "honest," Backes, in light of this?

There is nothing that matches between the men or their clothing, so what makes it honest? 

And how does it help that it looks to you like he is taking something in or out of his shirt pocket when you know that Oswald didn't have anything in his shirt pocket?  You mentioned a pack of cigarettes, but Oswald didn't smoke. 

Let's enlarge your image, the one you went by:

Holy Cow, look at the girth on that guy! You think it's honest to suggest that he is Oswald?

Again, what is the basis for saying that it's "honest research" to claim that this guy is Oswald? You said it would be huge if it's the case, and that sounds an awful lot like you're saying that it's "possible." So, what makes it possible in light of this?

Answer the question, Backes, and quit worrying about Gary Fannin. 

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