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The identification of Doorman's shirt as Oswald's shirt and not Lovelady's shirt in the Altgens photo does not depend on any pixel analysis. That is not at all necessary. It relies on the recognition of the major physical elements of the shirt. For instance, there is the right collar.

The flap of the collar and then the small vertical furl underneath it is a spot-on match to Oswald. What we see on Lovelady on the right is completely different. And note that that is the shirt he posed in for Robert Groden in 1976. He didn't wear that shirt on November 22, 1963, but if he had, then clearly he wasn't Doorman. So, Lovelady was out of the running to be Doorman whether he was lying or telling the truth, but the fact is, he was lying. He wore this shirt:

The great Harold Weisberg knew that back in 1966, so why are they denying it when it is practically 2015? There is only reason, and it comes down to only one word. Blood. 

And likewise, the left side of the shirt is a spot-on match to Oswald.

On Oswald in the center, we see the collar, the button loop underneath it, and then the long lapel. On Doorman, we are seeing the same thing except that they stuck Black Tie Man into the picture to hide the top of his shirt. You can see how jarring it is to see that slashed diagonal juncture between Doorman and Black Tie Man, which is physically and photographically impossible. But on both Oswald and Doorman, you see the low notched t-shirt, and the thick fold of material which indicates the lapel. On Doorman, compare the thickness of his right and left margins. Do you notice how on our right, it looks twice as thick as on our left? That's because it was twice as thick. It was exactly twice as thick, as it was folded over into a double layer of material. That is Oswald's long, jacket-like lapel as seen in the center. 

Also realize that what we see on Lovelady on the right was staged. It was a deliberate attempt to try to duplicate the look of Doorman. It's not the natural lay of that shirt, and there is no reason to think he was prepped that way on November 22, 1963- even if he had worn that shirt. He went to work that morning to lay flooring, and he certainly would not have primped himself like that. He would have just thrown the shirt on. But, as I said, he didn't even wear that shirt.  "He stated that he was wearing a red and white vertical striped shirt and blue jeans."

Then there is the open sprawl of the shirt which is a spot-on match between Oswald and Doorman.

Of course, the v-shaped t-shirt is also a spot-on match.

Now, what happens when you do this kind of comparison between Prayer Man and Oswald? What do you wind up with? You wind up with nothing. A complete zero. There are no elements, no features, no characteristics of the shirt or the clothes or the man that match the least bit. Not one thing. I have never even seen anybody attempt to claim that anything matches. 

Are you seeing anything that matches? So, why are they claiming that Oswald was Prayer Man? Again, there is only one reason: blood. They are doing it as a decoy, a distraction, a noise-maker. 

But, they are paying a heavy price for it because they are, unavoidably, placing Oswald in the doorway. That's an issue in itself that they are now conceding.

Look at all the time bpete spent denying that Oswald was out in the doorway. At one point, he claimed that Oswald got to the doorway and saw Shelley outside through the glass but then proceeded up to the 6th floor to "lock and load" on Kennedy. But now, he wants to be a Prayermanite. 

However, both positions are ridiculous. Oswald was not up on the 6th floor. He did not "lock and load" on Kennedy. And he wasn't Prayer Man because Prayer Man was a different guy with different features. And when you see that it's a different guy, you know it's not him. Only in the world of JFK is this a problem. 

We don't need anything to realize that Oswald was not Prayer Man, but the fact is: we have more. Prayer Man is there too late. He stuck around too long. He's still there in the doorway when Baker is running up the steps. So, how could Oswald beat Baker to the lunch room without being the least bit out of breath if he was still standing in the doorway when Baker ran by?

So, you see Baker, and you can see he's running, and he is about to reach the steps. And you see Prayer Man, and he is still in the doorway. Are you going to assume that he took off a split-second later? But why? You can't do that just because you want to. There is no basis to think he went anywhere. There is no basis from looking at this to think that that guy budged at all. And even if he did, how likely is it that he would get to the lunch room before Baker AND be not the least bit out of breath, not the least bit spent, not the least bit ruffled from having rushed there? Nope, there is no sound reason to think that that happened. Plus, the fact is that he is obviously not Oswald.

So, this is just more Bizarro World stuff. 

What you have to realize is that the CIA is trying to dominate both sides of the JFK debate: the lone-nut side and the conspiracy side. They have people- paid people- whose job it is steer the conspiracy community away from the strongest, most damaging tenets. And Oswald being the Altgens Doorman is the strongest, most damaging tenet that there is. And that is why the OIC website is the most dangerous website in the world today to the official story of JFK:  

That is why they fight it so hard, and that's why they suddenly found religion with Prayer Man. But, as I said, they're just shooting themselves in the foot because they are placing Oswald in the doorway; they are admitting that all the objections to Oswald being in the doorway are moot. 

Remember when they used to say that if Oswald was in the doorway, how come nobody reported seeing him there? Well, if Oswald was Prayer Man in the doorway, how come nobody reported seeing him there? If Oswald was Prayer Man, then why didn't Frazier and Arce and Lovelady and others not say in their testimonies that Oswald was there on the east side of the landing? Did nobody notice him? Of course, they ask the same thing of me about Oswald as Doorman, and I can answer it, but apparently I don't have to because it's not a problem for them. There are no longer ANY problems for Oswald being in the doorway. And really there never was. It was all just sophistry. Blood-soaked sophistry. 

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