Sunday, December 28, 2014

Joseph Backes, you asked what I was advertising on Craigslist. First, I advertised for subjects to participate in the Altgens reenactment in Dealey Plaza. Then, I advertised for people to attend the OIC JFK Truth Conference in Santa Barbara. 

And if you had seen the ads, you would have known what they were and would not have had to ask. But, you didn't see the ads. What you saw were the notices I received from Craigslist about renewing the ads, and you saw those notices in the inbox of my email account. 

You hacked into my email account, Backes. Either that, or somebody else did and gave you the entry information which you used. You illegally, criminally entered my email account and saw those notices. 

And I have technical proof that my computer was hacked into and my email account information stolen. It is recorded. 

And I have filed a complaint against you with the FBI and the Internet Crime Complaint Center. And I have spoken to an agent at the FBI, who has been very nice and very supportive, and I am now going to forward him your latest rant so that he can see who and what you are. And I am doing more than that, Backes, which I won't reveal at this time. But, I am going to put this up on all the places I blog so that the world knows what a vicious, evil scumbag you are. Researcher? Don't honor yourself with the title, Backass. You're not a researcher. You are just a wretched wicked traitor to the cause of JFK truth.  

Backes actually accused me of collaborating with David Reitzes just because I obtained some information from his website. But, that is not collaborating. Information is information, and if it's true information, if it's valid, it doesn't matter where it came from. The source doesn't determine the validity of something. If it's factual information which can be confirmed, and which the rational mind finds compelling, then it stands on its own merit, regardless of where it's found or who cited it. 

But, collaborating with Oswald accusers is what Backes does, day-in and day-out, such as when he had the the back of Hank Sienzant, also known as Joe Zircon, one of the many Ops on Amazon forum who are working the cover-up there in earnest.   

Yes, Sienzant is a rabid Oswald accuser and defender of the Warren Report, but Backes has got his back. And collaborating with bpete, who has Oswald "locking and loading" on the 6th floor is what Joseph Backes does all the time. What you do: THAT is collaborating, Backes. Remember, your lads? You said it was a pleasure working with them. 

And what it shows is that they are working the JFK cover-up as fiercely today in 2015 as they were in 1964, with some Ops posed as LNs but a great many posed as CTs. And that's because they know that it's CTs that they have to influence. They know they can't destroy or defeat the conspiracy movement, but if they can dampen its strongest evidence, such as Oswald in the doorway, and particularly Oswald in the doorway, then at least they can kick the can down the road a while and keep the official story from collapsing- immediately. So yes, there are a lot of phony CTs out there doing damage control. 

The fact is that it is utterly ludicrous and preposterous for anyone to deny Oswald in the doorway in light of all the evidence- including compelling photographic evidence- that we have compiled. 

And that's why they resort to crimes, including internet crimes, because they are that desperate.  And so help me, they won't hesitate to kill again if they deem it necessary. How many have they killed so far? How many did they kill in the 1960s to silence JFK truth? How many did they kill in association with the Garrison investigation, such as David Ferrie? How many did they kill in association with the HSCA, such as Billy Lovelady, George DeMohrenschildt, David Sanchez Morales, and Richard Case Nagell? How many FBI agents died mysteriously during the HSCA? It was quite a few. And how many did they kill during the AARB, including probably James Altgens? And I'm sure that killing Ralph Cinque has crossed their minds and may be in the works. And I live with the reality of that possibility every day of my life. 

But, one thing is absolutely certain: the official story of the JFK assassination is going down. It will not endure. It will not survive. The truth about that dastardly crime will become public knowledge. And I'm not talking about them faking a bus ride and cab ride for Oswald. That's just a stupid mind-game of the imbecilic, cast as noise- a numbing distraction. I am talking about the fact that Oswald was a completely innocent patsy who was set up to take the fall for killing Kennedy shortly after he returned from Russia.   

We all know how this is going to end, and there isn't a smidgen of doubt about it: Oswald innocent; Oswald in the doorway; and as the Altgens Doorman. It shall prevail, despite the vile crimes of the bloodied. 


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