Friday, December 19, 2014

How many shirts do you have that behave like this, folding over into a jacket-like lapel?

It won't surprise you to know that none of my shirts behave like that. It was an awfully bad break for the killers that Oswald wore such an unusual shirt that day. And they have been trying to hide the uniqueness of the shirt from the very beginning. 

That is CE 150 from the Warren Commission, but it doesn't look anything like Oswald's shirt. And even when they put Oswald's shirt on a manikin, they didn't give it the lay that it had on him. 

 Is there really any reason to think that that is his shirt on the left? What if you took your hand and tried to fold it over to get it to lay like you see on Oswald? Do you think it would stay? I assure you that it would not. That is a stiff collar and a stiff placket on the Newseum shirt which Oswald's shirt did not have. You couldn't make it behave like Oswald's shirt if you tried. 

So, they have been lying about Oswald's shirt for 51 years. But, when we compare Oswald's shirt- his real shirt, which is the one on his back- to Doorman's, we see the spot-on match.

That was such a riveting match between them that they HAD to cover up the top of Doorman's shirt because otherwise the game would have been over. So, they stuck Black Tie Man in there for that purpose- to hide the look of the soft, foldable material which created the jacket-like lapel. But on Doorman, we can tell it's there because of the thickness of the material and the rounded, bulging margin which we don't see on the other side. That is the same guy in the same shirt, and there is no doubt about it. There is no way it could be Lovelady, and that's true no matter which shirt you want to say Lovelady wore. 

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