Sunday, December 14, 2014

I received this interesting letter from OIC senior member Dr. Thomas Halle this morning:

Yo, Ralph!!  I'm rereading some sections in Fetzer's book...presently an article by Dr. Mantik (in "Murder in Dealey Plaza..which I believe is the second in the series of three)...a very cogent discussion of some medical issues which have become increasingly clear, based on thousands of ARRB released documents, as well as new interviews during the nineties.  Mantik insists that we now know that the autopsy doctors (Humes and Boswell) were not so much simply incompetent, as active participants in the "hanky-panky" in this a very definitive way. I think it's funny (perhaps also your experience?) how a second or third (or more!) of materials may sometimes yield a new insight or different point of view (POV).
I might explain that--for me--a major signpost, in the way of a steadily growing realization of the bogus character of the WR, was the cognizance of the essential and dramatic lack of congruence of the Parkland medical staff observations with those of the autopsy doctors. And next, how the latter kept changing their testimony (e.g., the head wounds kept moving!) and offering the most unimaginably stupid--and unprofessional--comments. Then, of course, the utter lunacy of the SBT ( the "Magic bullet"), which was concocted by the junior legal counsel, Arlen Specter, in a desperate attempt to salvage the preconceived baloney narrative about LHO as the lunatic, Communist lone assassin. It would take a great deal of effort to cite a case, in the entire history of the world, which exceeds this one in the way of farce. Of course, there is the myth of the "Emperor's New Clothes." And there is Herr Goebbels' (and Hitler's) "BIG LIE." Well, maybe not QUITE as rare as that. There is also the lie about the Pearl Harbor attack...and...


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