Monday, December 15, 2014

Ball: Are you on that picture?
Lovelady: Yes, sir. 
Ball: You were standing on which step?
Lovelady: It would be your top level.

So, Lovelady is in the picture, and he is standing on the top level. He wasn't Doorman because Doorman was Oswald and he's wearing Oswald's clothes. He wasn't Black Tie Man because Lovelady was not wearing a suit. And the only person left, the only possible candidate for Lovelady is Black Hole Man.

And Lovelady drew an arrow to Black Hole Man on CE 369 to indicate himself. 

In this case, the Wiegman film is irrelevant because Lovelady said he was in the Altgens photo; visible in the Altgens photo. So, you have to find him there. And you can't say he was Doorman because he wasn't; Oswald was. 

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