Thursday, December 11, 2014

Here is a short 4 minute video about the story of Robert Vinson. He's the Air Force airman who on November 22 was diverted on a flight from Washington DC. The plane landed on a plain next to the Trinity River, and two men got on board. One was Latino, and the other was the spitting image of Lee Harvey Oswald.

Obviously, it could not have been the Oswald we know because he was under arrest at the time. Vinson found out later that the empty cargo plane that he was on was a CIA plane. It flew to an air base in New Mexico which was in lock-down. He was stuck there for several hours, and then he had to take a bus to his home in Colorado. And when he saw the images of Oswald on television and in print, he swore to his wife that the white man on the plane looked just like him. 

And Vinson's life in the military turned to hell after that. He came under extreme scrutiny. He was transferred to a remote base in Nevada, and he and his wife were both forced to take oaths of silence. Vinson did not go public until years later- after his wife had died. It was the 1990s before he did it, and he started by going to his local Congressman. At his first press conference, his Congressman was at his side. 

So, watch this video. It's very short. The book Flight From Dallas is still available on Amazon, and it is well worth reading.

This is Robert Vinson, a brave soul.

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