Wednesday, December 10, 2014

bpunk continues to maintain that Frazier's arrow is actually two arrows: his and Lovelady's. But, it is a ridiculous contention because the version that the punk uses to assert that is an artificially lightened one. In fact, I artificially lightened it for the purpose of visualizing the black-on-black better than I could otherwise see it. 

But, in this crop from history-matters, which is the best we have, you can see what is actually there. 

This is what you have to go by. You can't go by one that you know is altered. And what you see above is one arrow. Nobody but nobody has ever taken that to be anything but one arrow. Not even the punk is going to assert that what we see above indicates two arrows. 

But, there are two arrows on the photograph, the second of which overlaps the forearm of Black Hole Man with the arrowhead in the black space of the enclosure of his arms. That is Lovelady's arrow. We just got lucky that the tail of it wound up on the flesh-colored forearm- unless Lovelady did it like that on purpose to leave a tell-tale sign. 

This is the actual image, and it is what you have to go by. You can't go by a digital creation that was strictly a makeshift tool. And the very idea that Lovelady would seek to hide his arrow amid Frazier's - or that Joseph Ball would let him do so if that indeed was what he was communicating- is preposterous. 

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