Saturday, December 27, 2014

No, Backes. To be precise, they added 4 people to the Altgens photo, and they are: Black Tie Man who was crammed next to Oswald, Roy Lewis who was placed below him, and the Woman and Boy who were placed in front of Fedora Man. And that's it. 

And note that some of the detail that we see above must have been added afterwards. For instance, on Black Tie Man, we actually see the line of his shirt collar above. But, take a look at the AP version that Robin Unger put up:

When you get there, use the + icon to telescope in, and you can make it as large as you want. This is the AP's version, and it's their photo, and it goes to show that even in their photo, the resolution isn't there. It never was. There was some enhancing done after the fact just to make that guy look photographic. 

Think about how far Altgens was away, and think about how poor the resolution was overall. Do you really think that Altgens would have captured the distinction of that collar? I assure you he didn't. That's just photoshopping. If you look at Black Tie Man as he actually looks in the photo- and I have the actual physical photo from AP; I paid $60 for it- all you see are two white stripes. It is extremely crude.  

And a lot of people, when asked, don't even take Black Tie Man's image as that of a human being. Above you do, but again, that's because it's doctored; it is enhanced.

Black Tie Man wasn't there. He is overlapping Doorman's shoulder in an impossible manner, and I mean that it is both physically and photographically impossible. On the right below, you see how Doorman was before they pasted Black Tie Man in there. 

And on the left, you can see that Doorman is not anatomical. That is an impossible anatomical configuration. He is a freak.  

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