Monday, December 8, 2014

Boz, over on McAdams' forum, actually had the nerve to claim that Oswald lied about his height on his passport and his Marine documents, and that's why there is a discrepancy. 

He proffered no reason why Oswald would lie about a thing like that.

But, this isn't an "ipso facto" situation where you can just assume that Oswald lied about his height on his passport for no reason. Who would do that? Why would he do it?  

And some of the documents involved measurements that were taken, where it wasn't what he said but what the Marines found when they measured him. 

Boz may not know it, but in the Marines, they don't just ask you your height; they measure you. Here is an image of "Lee" being measured in the Marines at age 17 when he was only 5'9". He grew two more inches after that. The other Oswald didn't. 

That is definitely "Lee" and not "Harvey" and he grew two inches after that. That's the problem when you try to merge the identities of two boys: you don't know where either of them is going to wind up in height, and the odds of them being the same height are slim. 

There were two Oswalds: one of them was taller and husky, and the other was shorter and slight of build. Here they are from the same year, 1958. Same guy? Don't make me laugh.

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