Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Here you see the median handrail circled in Martin and Hughes, which is the dividing line between the east side and the west side of the doorway.

So, how did Lovelady wind up on the east side when it is totally in conflict with what he said he did, where he said he was?

The answer: they didn't think about that when they stuck him in there. 

In a word: Lovelady was NEVER there; they put him there. 

You have to understand: the JFK assassination is the most photographically defrauded event in the history of the world. They did a massive amount of photo and film altering. They did a massive amount in connection with Lovelady alone.  They went into the movie business on a grand scale- just over him. And it was all because of a truth they accidentally told about his shirt. 

It's collapsing, people. The Big Lie is collapsing.  

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