Thursday, December 18, 2014

Idiot. Thy name is bpete. 

I said that you can't expect two altered images to be correlated. 

But, I didn't mean that everything got altered, that nothing could be correlated. I meant that you can't assume that everything can be correlated. Some things can and some things can't, but certainly an old geezer cannot be correlated with a petite young woman.

The very idea of saying that these two are the same person is preposterous to the point of raving insanity. You'd have to be completely out of your mind, as the divergence between them is extreme. 

But, let it represent your work on the JFK assassination; it is most fitting. It is what you are about. 

And to Kleep Klopp and Seamus Coogan, bpete advocates that Oswald "locked and loaded" on Kennedy from the 6th floor. But, Coogan is supposed to be an advocate of Oswald innocence. So, why would he be a fan of bpete? Oh, what a filthy, rotten, bloody world is the world of JFK.  

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