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Joseph Ball didn't mess around with any arrows with Danny Arce. He just pointed to the Doorman figure and asked him who he was.

Mr. BALL. Recognize him?
Mr. ARCE. Yes, that's Billy Lovelady.
Mr. BALL. Just to identify it clearly, the man on the steps---well, you see the man on the steps, do you not?
Mr. ARCE. Yes, sir.
Mr. BALL. He is a white man, isn't he?
Mr. ARCE. Yes, sir.
Mr. BALL. And you see his picture just above the picture of two colored people, is that correct; would you describe it like that?
Mr. ARCE. Yes, sir.
Mr. BALL. I am not going to mark this purposely because other witnesses have to see it.
Mr. ARCE. Yes.
Mr. BALL. Did you say that is Billy Lovelady?
Mr. ARCE. Yes, that is Billy Lovelady.
Mr. BALL. Now, there is only one face that is clearly shown within the entrance-way of the Texas School Book Depository Building, isn't there?
Mr. ARCE. Yes, sir.
Mr. BALL. And only one face of a person who is standing on the steps of the Depository Building entrance?
Mr. ARCE. Yeah.
Mr. BALL. And that one man you see there---
Mr. ARCE. Yes, that's Billy Lovelady. 

So, after Ball got the answer that he wanted, he did some expounding, some reinforcing, some reiteration, all to drive home the point that Danny Arce had identified Doorman as Billy Lovelady. 

But, Ball did no such thing with Billy Lovelady. With Lovelady, he never verbally identified who he was interested in. He never verbally identified the figure to whom Lovelady drew his arrow. And he quickly changed the subject.

Mr. BALL - I have got a picture here, Commission Exhibit 369. Are you on that picture?
Mr. LOVELADY - Yes, sir.
Mr. BALL - Take a pen or pencil and mark an arrow where you are.
Mr. LOVELADY - Where I thought the shots are?
Mr. BALL - No; you in the picture.
Mr. LOVELADY - Oh, here (indicating).
Mr. BALL - Draw an arrow down to that; do it in the dark. You got an arrow in the dark and one in the white pointing toward you. Where were you when the picture was taken?
Mr. LOVELADY - Right there at the entrance of the building standing on the the step, would be here (indicating).
Mr. BALL - You were standing on which step?
Mr. LOVELADY - It would be your top level.
Mr. BALL - The top step you were standing there?
Mr. LOVELADY - Right.
Mr. BALL - Now, when Gloria came up you were standing near Mr. Shelley?

So, why the difference? Why no reinforcing with Lovelady? Why no expounding? Why no verbal identifying of the figure to whom Lovelady drew his arrow? IT'S BECAUSE BALL DIDN'T GET WHAT HE WANTED. Ball was shitting bricks at that point. He was sweating bullets. He just finessed his way to a segue to something else; he changed the subject as smoothly as possible. 

And Lovelady knew better than to say anything out loud about what he had done. He knew very well what Ball was hoping for, and that's why he drew his arrow so small. He didn't want to upset the man any more than necessary; but he upset him plenty. 

What would Ball have said if Lovelady had drawn his arrow to the same figure that Frazier did? It would have gone something like this:

"Let the record show that Mr. Lovelady drew his arrow to the same figure as Mr. Frazier. So, we now have two arrows pointing to the white man standing next to the white column in the doorway. Both Buell Frazier and Billy Lovelady have identified that figure as Billy Lovelady." 

Of course, there was no statement like that because there were not two arrows like that. There was one big arrow pointing to Doorman and one very small arrow pointing to Black Hole Man. 

On the right above, that is Billy Lovelady wearing the same clothes he wore when he posed for the FBI on Feb 29, 1964.

   And we see the same shirt again in the Couch film:

As Harold Weisberg said in 1966, Lovelady wore a short-sleeved, red and white striped shirt on 11/22/63. That's why he showed up wearing it on 2/29/64 for the FBI. It's why they had him unbutton it before they photographed him. He was posing as Doorman, supposedly in the right outfit. Did they overlook the fact that the short-sleeves ruled out any chance of him being Doorman? Yes! They did! That's what happened! It is exactly what happened. It is ludicrous to deny it today when it is nearly 2015. 

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