Sunday, December 14, 2014

Mr. BALL - By the time you left the steps had Mr. Truly entered the building?
Mr. LOVELADY - As we left the steps I would say we were at least 15. maybe 25. steps away from the building. I looked back and I saw him and the policeman running into the building.
Mr. BALL - How many steps?
Mr. LOVELADY - Twenty, 25.
Mr. BALL - Steps away and you looked back and saw him enter the building?

That's plain English. Lovelady and Shelley left the steps. They went 20 to 25 steps. Then Lovelady turned around and saw Truly and Baker entering the building. And the encounter with Gloria Calvary preceded all of it. The wording was that she came up to where he and Shelley were standing. 

This is cut and dry. There is no other way to take it unless you take it with blood. 

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