Monday, December 15, 2014

So, Lovelady said he was standing on the top level AT THE TIME OF THE ALTENS PHOTO. It was a direct reference to the Altgens photo. That is what he was talking about.

Then he said that he went down the steps on the right side, the west side, to where Gloria Calvary could engage with him. 

Gloria was on the sidewalk. He certainly didn't state or imply that she came up the steps. And she obviously came from the west side because she was down Elm where the President was. So, the meeting between Lovelady and Gloria took place in front of the entrance, on the sidewalk, but on the west side. 

And then after that, Lovelady said that he and Shelley headed west, following the throng of people who descended on the railroad track area. 

So, how does that leave any possibility of Lovelady being down low on the east side of the doorway? It doesn't! This Lovelady figure in the Hughes film is a fake!  He was never there. 

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