Wednesday, December 24, 2014

On Veterans Today, they are making some very good headway getting the truth out this Christmas Eve.

First, there is an excellent article by Jim Dean about the CIA torture revelations and the false intelligence reports that resulted from torture:

Then, there was piece about Sargent Paul Shuraga, the first cop to arrive at the scene of the RFK murder. Shuraga encountered an older couple who told him they overheard a young couple, including a young woman wearing a polka-dot dress, saying that they had killed Kennedy. Shuraga filed multiple reports about it, but they all vanished.  

An RFK campaign worker named Sandra Serrano witnessed and reported the exact same thing. Here she is describing it:

And here is a tape of the a policeman harassing Sandy Serrano, telling her, in no uncertain terms, that it didn't happen:

I'd be willing to bet that the exact same thing happened after the JFK assassination to any witness who tried to claim to seeing Oswald in the doorway. I'm sure they shut him up fast.  

So, Paul Shuraga and Sandy Serrano, who were completely unconnected to each other, reported the exact same thing in minute detail.  

Here is how OIC senior member Stephen Requa put it in a communication to assassination attorney William Pepper just today:

"A critical factor for your Sirhan case is related to the CIA interrogation of the witness to the Polka Dot Dress Lady who must have been managing Sirhan Sirhan. As you know, Sirhan was "key word prompted" to start firing as a distraction from the front to the real assassin who was crouched behind and below RFK, which your CNN-broadcast second witness testified to. The interrogation tape surfaced and shows how CIA/LAPD plant Hernandez "grotesquely" abused Sandy Serrano. He terrorized and browbeat the poor woman.  Hernandez, a long time CIA Operative, was planted (with another) into the LAPD to organize the RFK assassination. This is a key, perhaps "the" key, to breaking your Sirhan case wide open. I will send you the transcript of  the Hernandez recording."

"You'll hear this former CIA agent's interrogating of the female witness about her seeing the Polka-dot Dress Lady managing Sirhan just before he was "key word prompted" to start firing in rote-programmed mode. The interrogating CIA agent Hernandez was put into the LAPD just before the assassination to organize the assassination and cover it up. You'll cringe when you hear an LA cop describe it as "the most grotesque abuse" of LAPD police power that he had ever seen. The LAPD also falsified and fabricated this officer's reports on witnesses who saw the Polka-dot Dress Lady flee."

"These are the critical facts that have a bearing on the RFK case and all the 1960's assassination cases. I say that it is not enough to prove that Sirhan could not have shot RFK.  IMO, the involvement of the CIA needs to be brought into it and made crystal clear. And these revelations about a corrupt LAPD cop with ties to the CIA does it 100%. This needs to be seen and heard by one and all. And it dove-tails beautifully with the lead article above in VTN News today."

"With the above VTN lead today, we are at a critical juncture."

Ralph Cinque: 

Reading Stephen's reference to Sirhan's "key word prompting" brings to mind one of my favorite movies The Manchurian Candidate starring Frank Sinatra. That was the original. The remake that came later starring Denzel Washington was very different. 

But, in the original, the programmed assassin, played by Laurence Harvey, who was a real life refugee from Lithuania, was key word prompted too, but it wasn't really a word. It was a playing card: the Queen of Diamonds. 

So, when they wanted him to act, they would invite him to relax by playing Solitaire, and when he turned over the Queen of Diamonds, it would trigger the submissive state of his mind which they controlled, and then they would give him the order to kill whomever they wanted killed.

That was from 1962, and it was fiction. However, we know that the CIA MK-Ultra Program was real. Sirhan Sirhan was programmed that way, and I have absolutely no doubt that Mark David Chapman, the accused assassin of John Lennon, was programmed that way too. 

What about John Hinckley? And what about the instructor pilot who was sitting next to JFK Jr. in the cockpit of his plane as it approached Martha's Vineyard? Yeah, I wonder about them too. 

Rapid response from Stephen Requa:

"Ralph: Great job. Just what is needed. This was most welcome for Christmas. All the assassination realities can and are finally coming out now. Of course JFK Jr.'s plane was brought down by the MK ULTRA instructor programmed also like Sirhan. They had to prevent JFK Jr. from attending Pepper's 1999 Memphis trial and covering for his George Magazine all the military brass in on the MLK assassination in 1968. JFK Jr. would have covered that and then very likely have won the next election he decided to enter to bring down the Bush Cabal.  The military had to prevent being exposed in Pepper's 1999 trial with JFK Jr. going there and covering it for the press. He interviewed Oliver Stone, and he also covered Rabin's assassination. Both were no-no's, and his doing that in Memphis was a real no-no for the brass, hence all the things they did to cover up their bringing down JFK Jr's airplane. John Hankey nailed them in his film as completely as they could be. You might put in links on that."

"The VTN lead, and all this on RFK/CIA, can really now expose this Shadow Government of assassins. The RFK assassination is perfectly and completely, and rather simply, exposed in all its details for anyone to see. There is not the slightest doubt that the CIA organized it through LAPD. We have all the proof we need."

Ralph: here, as Stephen requested, is the link to John Hankey's brilliant film "The Assassination of JFK Jr."  It is a masterpiece of investigation and discourse.

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