Saturday, December 27, 2014

This concerns the whole claim about Oswald being a secret agent working on a bio-weapon with which to kill Castro and then smuggling it into Mexico AND at the same time being an undercover agent and informant in the JFK assassination. Is there any truth to either story? I say no, and Oswald's own words tells us so. 

Here is an incontrovertible point that weighs heavily on the whole matter: OSWALD DID NOT SAY ANYTHING TO AUTHORITIES ABOUT ANY OF THE CLAIMS THAT JUDYTH MAKES.

Don't you think that after he was arrested and charged with two murders, and after he realized that he was framed, that he would have told them everything? About his activities for the CIA?  If he was working for the CIA to create a bio-weapon to kill Castro, why wouldn't he tell them? If he also worked as an undercover agent to infiltrate the JFK assassination plot and be an informant, why didn't he tell them that? What was he waiting for?

And we know he didn't tell them any of that, and here's how we know: BECAUSE AUTHORITIES WERE WILLING TO PUT HIM IN FRONT OF WORLD MICROPHONES. They never would have done that if he had been telling them anything really damaging or revealing. And what did he say to the world when he got the chance? All he said was this:

"I really don't know what this situation is about. Nobody has told me anything... except that I am accused of murdering a policeman. I know nothing more than that. I do request that someone come forward to give me legal assistance."

If you are an Oswald defender, do you have any reason to think that he was lying when he said that? Watch him saying it, and see if he looks and sounds sincere.  I think he does. 

How could he possibly know all the things that Judyth Baker claims and say nothing about them? When was he going to speak up? When they were strapping him into the electric chair?

And as I have said repeatedly, Oswald never went to Mexico City. Mark Lane says he didn't go there, and Oswald himself said he didn't go. Now, if Oswald, on behalf of the CIA, went to Mexico City to deliver a bio-weapon to kill Castro, why wouldn't he tell Dallas Police? Why would he lie to them about that? It wasn't a bad thing; it was a good thing. So, why wouldn't he tell them? It's because he didn't go there, and he wasn't going to lie by saying that he did.  Yet, Judyth insists he went there to deliver a bio-weapon. But, if she is wrong about that, what else is she wrong about?

I just finished reading Dr. Mary's Monkey by Edward Haslam, and about half the book is devoted to Judyth Baker. He claims that in the early 70s there was someone else in New Orleans claiming to be Judyth Baker whom he met, but she wasn't the Judyth that we know. So yes, believe it or not, we've gone from Oswald doubles and Marguerite doubles to Judyth doubles. 

But, Haslam is definitely a Judyth Baker supporter, meaning the one we know, and he quite thoroughly related her story and just as she presented it. I don't think he came up with any corroborations of his own. But, he made a remark that I find interesting and very telling. He relayed how Lee and Judyth lived close to each other in New Orleans, and they boarded the same bus every morning and rode to work at the Reilly Coffee Company. Lee got on first because of where he lived, and then Judyth got on. And Haslam said that they sat next to each other on the bus and held hands. 

Held hands? Now, that struck me as odd because they were both, supposedly, secret agents, right? And secret agents know about the need to be discreet, right? Considering that they were both married to other people, why would they hold hands out in public? It would only take one wrong person to see them, and it could have compromised everything. Wouldn't they have been discreet about their relationship on a public bus? 

But, the remark that Haslam made that struck me as funny is that since they did that every day going to work, that the bus driver must have gotten used to seeing them together and could recognize them and could probably confirm that they acted very cozy and romantic, and that this would be evidence of their relationship. 

Well, I couldn't agree more that a bus driver recalling Lee and Judyth holding hands on the bus- regularly or even once- would be very impressive evidence of their relationship. But, the problem is that there is no such bus driver. So, your clever point actually argues 180 degrees opposite to what you're saying, Mr. Haslam. What we have is the absence of any such bus driver. I don't think you thought it through. 

How much of Judyth's story actually reaches the threshold of solid evidence? The only thing I know of is the fact that Judyth did work at the Reilly Coffee Company as a secretary from May until July 1963. There is documentation to support that. 


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