Sunday, March 20, 2016

Again, I haven't done my own analysis of Altgens7, but knowing, as I do, that Altgens6 was massively altered, it stands to reason that they would alter 7 as well, as needed. The difference is that Altgens7 did make it into the afternoon papers widely, which Altgens6 did not. Therefore, Altgens7 must have been circulated much earlier than Altgens6, which means that its alterations were made much quicker. 

It's widely agreed among real Oswald defenders that the Backyard photos, showing Oswald brandishing the alleged murder weapon, are fake. John Armstrong and Gil Jesus, whom I respect, both said it recently in their presentations about the fake documentation concerning Oswald ordering the rifle from Klein's Hardware, which he did not do. Oswald said that he didn't own any rifle, and real Oswald defenders don't call him a liar. 

But, the point is: that if the Backyard photos are fake, and they are, then it means they were altering photos even BEFORE the assassination. Well, if they were altering photos before the assassination, then surely they were prepared to alter photos AFTER the assassination. They were prepared, and they did alter photos as necessary. I'm sure they had the most skillful photo alterers in the world working for them. 

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