Sunday, March 20, 2016

OIC Chairman Larry Rivera agrees: Altgens7 was altered.

No kidding. I have been emailing and writing about A7 alteration for 3 years. FYI, the rear window was retouched to hide the fact that Sorrels, Lawson and Curry were turned around watching JFK get his head blown off. The brake lights were on where even the NY Times cropped out the left tail light AND Decker turned around. ....AND I did a study of the flag proving the "sliver" that emanates and splits the rear window was painted in and was not part of the decorative fringe.  I have tons of info and images on A7. The bottom line is that given the Newcomb tapes AND A7 alteration, AND the Daniel film and the McIntire photo, they all prove that the widely accepted Curry-Chaney encounter where supposedly Chaney told Curry and Co. about the severity of JFK's wounds NEVER happened. They had to alter A7 to hide all of this crap.  Larry 

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