Saturday, March 5, 2016

They installed an image of Donald Trump at the CPAC conference. He wasn't there. He boycotted it. But, they wanted to show that he was still the focus.

Nobody can question that that's fake because he wasn't there. Nobody is claiming that he was. Everyone agrees that he wasn't. 
And it certainly looks very artificial.

Well, it's the exact same thing with the image of Lovelady at the desk in the squad room.

 He wasn't there. Nobody was there. The desk was empty. It wasn't really a desk. It was a table; a supply table. Why would they have a chair there when it was right in the lane of traffic? They wouldn't. They didn't. It's fake. 

Do you know when this was first noticed? It was in 1978 during the HSCA.  So, for 15 years, nobody noticed Lovelady in the squad room. In 1976, when Attorney Ken Brooten asked Lovelady, in an informal deposition, when was the last time he laid eyes on Oswald that day, he said it was when they broke for lunch. That was the exact same thing he said in April 1964. So, we have Lovelady on record twice saying that he never saw Oswald at the Dallas PD. 

It's all lies. Every image of Lovelady in a plaid shirt on 11/22/63 is a fake. He didn't wear a plaid shirt. He wore a short-sleeved striped one.

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