Thursday, March 24, 2016

It is an outrage for anyone to claim that those two are the same man wearing the same clothes. But, it is more than an outrage. It is thuggery. Pure thuggery. "It's the same guy, wearing the same shirt. You hear me? We're telling you that. Don't make us tell you again."

Thuggery doesn't work on me. Someone gets thuggish with me, and I get thuggish right back at them- in spades. But, weak people cower. Weak people suspend their own judgment. Weak people give in and give up. 

Thugs are working the JFK assassination cover-up harder today than ever before. The reason is because of the Internet. Before, if someone wrote a book, they could harass him, but he was just one guy. At least, it was just one guy at a time. But, now they have to cover forums and newsgroups and Facebook pages, galore. They have to quash inflammatory situations wherever they arise and however often they arise. It's a never-ending job. And ultimately, it comes down to fear and intimidation: thuggery.

But, their efforts are futile, and their cause is hopeless. The fact that Oswald was innocent and standing in the doorway during the shooting is going to become widely known. That's certain. And when it is, how is it going to look for them? - the history of what they did, and what they tried to do? The fools should have walked away a long time ago.  

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