Thursday, March 10, 2016

In recent days, I have laid out very well why there is no plausible alternative to the doorway for Oswald to have been at the time of the motorcade. And there is also no plausible alternative for what Oswald could have been doing at the time of the motorcade except watching it. The very idea that he would be doing something else, such as eating a sandwich or drinking a Coke, is an attack on Oswald. And that's what's so ironic. Because, supposedly, the people who say these things are Oswald defenders.

"I know he didn't kill Kennedy, but I have to think Oswald was in the lunch room drinking a Coke when Kennedy got shot."

Never is any explanation given as to why Oswald, of all people, would be callous and indifferent about seeing Kennedy. They act as though it's a given. They act as though they are entitled to make the assumption. 

"Of course, weird, wild, wacky Oswald had no interest in seeing the President and First Lady.  He didn't kill anybody, but he was not the least bit interested in this, and he was anti anything that regular people wanted to do."

There is a persona to Oswald the killer, and the weird and wacky part is very much part of that persona. But, when you reject the killer part, you're under no obligation to keep the weird and wacky part, but these so-called Oswald defenders cling to it. 

But, are they really Oswald defenders? I hope you realize that the CIA decided a long time ago that they needed to take over both sides of the JFK debate. They knew they wanted to sway the minds of conspiracy theorists, and what better way to do that than to claim to be a conspiracy theorist? That way, when something really dangerous to the official story came along (such as Oswald in the doorway) they could take control of the debate, and steer the people away from it. The goal, in that instance, is to just maintain the status quo, the stalemate, the gridlock. 

For instance, if you go on JFK Assassination Forum and look at the topics they discuss and compare it to what they were discussing 8 years ago, you realize that it's just chatter; it's all noise; that nothing gets accomplished, and nothing gets resolved. Nothing has even changed. It's like a time warp. And, the same people are there; the same individuals.  

Heck, they know there is always going to be a JFK community that rejects the official story. They can live with that. They just don't want it to get anywhere. They don't want it to hone-in on something as incendiary and inflammatory as Oswald standing in the doorway when he was supposed to be up on the 6th floor killing Kennedy. It's too explosive. It's too gut-wrenching if people realize that Oswald was not only innocent- he was innocent in spades- that we have images of him watching the dastardly event. 

So, what percentage of these online people, who pipe in that way are connected to the organized effort to uphold the official story and stifle the truth? I don't know, but I suspect it's high. And how many of them are actually getting paid do-re-mi to do it? I can't answer that either, but what I do know, without a shadow of a doubt, is that the organized campaign to stifle JFK truth is enormous in this year of Our Lord 2016, and the amount being spent on agents/operatives- for JFK alone- must be in the millions of dollars every year. And that's being conservative. 

Some of them support the official story outright (preposterous as it is) while others pretend to be Oswald defenders. But, there is also a large group who just say that they believe in "conspiracy". Consider that it's possible to believe in conspiracy and Oswald guilt at the same time. And the idea of that is TOTALLY acceptable. Look at how they conduct their polls about the JFK assassination:

"Do you think Oswald acted alone, or do you think he acted within a conspiracy?"

No matter what you say, they win. They don't mind the least bit if you want to think that Oswald had accomplices. Look at all the time you'll waste conjuring who it could have been. Was it the Mafia? Was it the Cubans? Was it the Russians? And even if you want to think it was the intelligence agencies, they don't mind that either. Did you know that Oswald was being paid $200/month by the FBI ? Do you know who probably started that rumor? It was probably the FBI. And what about the hoax that Oswald's name was added to the CIA Wall of Fame? Who do you think started that?

As long as Oswald killed Kennedy, the gist of the official story remains intact. When they conduct those polls, what they are really offering is a choice between Government Story #1 and Government Story #2. "You don't like our first idea?  Then, try our second."

But, they are both lies. And do you realize what is at stake? Everything. When the very legitimacy and credibility of  the entire government and the whole vast media are at stake, which they are, that's just about everything. Think about it: the whole structure of exercising authority and dispensing information in our society crumbles if the official JFK story collapses. How hard are they going to fight that?

But, I think they have a plan- in case the official story becomes untenable- and that is to blame individuals. I really think that they are prepared to sacrifice LBJ- if they have to. They're going to say he did it. They may throw Nixon in as well. So, not the intelligence agencies and not any other institutions of the government nor the military, but rather, Lyin' Lyndon and Tricky Dick Nixon. But, they would still make it that those two bad guys got Oswald to do it. Nixon put Ruby up to getting Oswald to do it. 

When it comes to "truther" causes, the two biggest by far are JFK and 9/11.  Which is bigger? I don't know.  But, they are both big enough that the unraveling of the official lie about one would sink the other as well. And both currently have a lot of momentum, with the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth leading the charge on 9/11, and the Oswald Innocence Campaign leading the charge on JFK.

Oh, this an exciting time to be alive, isn't it? It's not a good time. It's a terrible time. But, change is coming. It has to be. How much longer can the world keep going the way it has been?  Until the debts are in the quadrillions? There is going to be a reset. And there is going to be a reckoning about JFK and 9/11 and more. You can bet the farm. 


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