Friday, March 18, 2016

The following is by OIC Chairman Larry Rivera:

"Attached are four images.  The first two are right and left halves of the Saturday Evening Post version of the Altgens6 photo which shows the entire left side of the photograph.  This is different from the usual versions circulating on the Internet.  I have circled ALL of the areas of alteration, however, excluding the doorway and the windshield, it is quite evident that there are ink blobs all over the photograph, created by air brushing and/or ink pens that obscure areas that they did not want us to see.  Two of the most egregious are the two women at left, one identified as Dallas Morning News reporter Maggie Brown, who is obviously holding a movie camera, which in turn is trained right at LBJ's car.  For comparison basis, a frame from the Zapruder film has been included which shows the same women from behind.  The other image is a close-up of Secret Service Agent Emory Roberts, where his mouth has been obscured, perhaps to hide the fact that he was talking on a radio mic while the President was being executed."


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