Saturday, March 12, 2016

This picture really is eerie to me because it was so soon after the JFK assassination: 5 weeks. The public knew that the government was saying that a crazed lone gunman killed Kennedy, but then, that crazed lone gunman died while in police custody: when he was surrounded by police and had a policeman on each side of him. And, they knew that that happened before this crazed lone gunman obtained an attorney. And although the government claimed that he only wanted a certain attorney from another state whom he didn't know and whom he never had contact with, the public repeatedly heard Oswald pleading to them, over and over, for help getting an attorney and complaining that the Dallas Police would not let him have one.  At the time, Vincent Salandria was an attorney, and to him, all of the above screamed out loud that something was terribly wrong with the government's story. 

So, what made Americans, as a people, so docile, so accepting of government proclamations, so uncritical and so unwilling to use their own critical faculties to objectively assess what had happened?  

The problem was: there were very few people like Vincent Salandria.    

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