Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Anthony Marsh 

Mar 28 (17 hours ago)

On 3/27/2016 1:15 PM, Ralph Cinque wrote:
> Oswald did not go to Mexico City. He said he didn't go there, and he had
No, he didn't. He said, "How did you know about that?" 

Ralph Cinque:

Marsh, how dare you? Who do you think you are?  You make a blunt statement that Oswald said, when asked about Mexico City, "How do you know about that?" and you don't feel the slightest compunction to substantiate it. That is truly amazing.

Oswald was asked about Mexico City at the very first interview, and the three people who were there, Fritz, Hosty, and Bookhout, all reported that he denied going there. Furthermore, Hosty and Bookhout reported that Oswald qualified it by saying that the only place he had ever been in Mexico was Tijuana when he was in the Marines. 

Fast forward to months after Oswald's death to Postal Inspector Harry Holmes' testimony in which he talked to the Warren Commission about being present at Oswald's final interview, and he, Holmes, said that Oswald provided details of his trip to Mexico City. Nobody else who attended that final interview confirmed anything of what Holmes said about it. It was just him. And considering that Oswald had denied making the trip initially, there was no explanation for his reversal. Usually, when people do a complete 180, they expound a little bit on why they first lied about it. But, supposedly, according to Holmes, Oswald just started talking about his trip, in detail, as if he had never denied it. And, he definitely had denied it.

It's obvious as Hell that Holmes was lying.  

And I have posted the impostor photos from the Russian and Cuban embassies.


Oswald did NOT go to Mexico City, Marsh, and YOU are an alterationist. You alter the truth. 

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