Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The no-good shill David Swann has been repeating the lie that Doorman, in the collage made by Jerry Organ for John McAdams, is showing a "plaid" pattern on his shirt. He is NOT.

On Doorman, that is NOT plaid. It is mainly distortion from the extreme blow-up of the image, but there is also some light reflection. But, there is not a single "box" representing a plaid pattern. That is what plaid is: horizontal and vertical lines crossing forming boxes. 

This is 2016. So, how can anyone expect to get away with claiming that a randomly, noisily, unorganized, non-repetitive variation is plaid? 

That is not plaid, and it has nothing in common with pattern of Gorilla Lovelady (who was not really Lovelady). 

They are not remotely the same.

The idea that they are the same shirt and the same man is a grotesque and bloodied lie. That anyone would even attempt to make such an outrageous claim makes my blood boil. 

We live in an evil world, and the evil goes to the stink in the center- to the people running it. And, they are paying their Ops to go at it against me. All I can say is: bring it on, mo-fos. 

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