Tuesday, March 8, 2016

This is a continuation of my piece which struck down the claim that Oswald was eating lunch during the motorcade or that he said he was eating lunch. There are some who maintain that Oswald was in the 2nd floor lunch room the whole time, that when Baker got there at 12:31 that Oswald had been there sipping his Coke, and that he was there at 12:30. False. Oswald was just getting to the 2nd floor lunch room when Baker saw him. 

You've got to understand the floor layout to grasp this. Attached to the lunch room was a smaller room that was really just a passageway. It had a total of three doors. One led to the stair landing where Baker was. Another led to the office area from which Oswald came. And the third door, which was propped open, went to the lunch room. 

So, through the glass window of the door to the landing where he was, Baker saw Oswald going through the door which came from the office area. He saw him entering the small room, called an anteroom or vestibule. And when he went through his own door to follow, by the time he got there Oswald was already well into the lunch room with his back to him.

So, in the diagram below, 21 is Oswald going through his door, 22 is Baker looking through his door, and to the right of both is the lunch room. 

So, the point is that at 12:31.5, Oswald was just arriving at the lunch room. He hadn't entered it yet. If he was just getting there at 12:31.5, it means he wasn't there at 12:30. There is no reason to assume that Oswald was there in that room at 12:30, that he left, then turned around and came back. That is ridiculous. Nobody has the right to pull that from out their arse. 

He was just getting there at 12:31.5, and he had no Coke. How could when he was just getting there? It's not as though he had time to get it between the time that Baker first saw him and the time that Baker followed him and spoke to him. Oswald did not get his Coke until AFTER his encounter with Truly and Baker. 

So, the idea that Oswald was sitting in the lunch room drinking a Coke at 12:30 is completely and totally unfounded. In a word, the evidence shows that it is impossible. And, the very idea is preposterous. Why would Oswald skip watching the motorcade and seeing the President and First Lady to do that when he had enough time to drink a whole six-pack of Cokes before the motorcade, if that's what he wanted?

And do you realize what this means? It means that Carolyn Arnold's revised story from 1978 is utter bull. Then, she tried to claim, after 5000+ days, that at 12;25 she saw Oswald sitting in that 2nd floor lunch room eating lunch. It's ridiculous because he never ever ate there. He ate in the first floor lunch room, always, including that day. And, it was much earlier than 12:25 that he ate. The only claim of Carolyn Arnold worth listening to is the very first one she made: that she saw Oswald at the doorway, behind the glass, shortly before the motorcade arrived. That's what she said when first asked on November 26, 1963, and that's what counts. All the rest were lies. They got to her. They threatened her. I don't know what they said to her, but it must have scared her. 

Oswald did not enter the 2nd floor lunch room until Baker saw him doing it. There is no basis to claim that Oswald was in that lunch room any time prior to that. 

As I said yesterday, when you really take it apart and look at it, you realize that Oswald was in the doorway at 12:30, and there is no place else he possibly could have been. He wasn't on the 6th floor shooting and Kennedy, and he wasn't anywhere else either. He was standing in the doorway, just clasping his hands.  

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