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Speaking of Australians, Hasan Yosof is from Melbourne. 

He belongs to ROKC: Reopen the Kennedy Case. Wow, what a riveting title. Greg Parker, also an Australian, came up with it.  

I presume that Hasan is his last name and Yosof is his first name. This is from Wikipedia:

Yusuf (also transliterated as Jusuf, Yousof, Yossef, Yousaf, Youcef, Yousef, Youssef, Yousif, Youssif, Youssouf, Yousuf, Yusef, Yuseff, Usef, Yusof, Yesufu or Yussef, Arabic: يوسفYūsuf and Yūsif) is a male Arabic name, meaning "Allah increases in piety, power and influence".[1] It is the Arabic equivalent of both the Hebrew name Yossef and the English name Joseph.

Why are all these Australians so interested in JFK? Probably for the same reason that so many Brits are.

Yosof wrote a hit piece against the OIC in 2013 which I am going to critique. But first, I shall tell you what he did NOT say in the hit piece. He did not say that he and his cronies DO advocate Oswald in the doorway.  And they do. They advocate Prayer Man as Oswald from the Darnell doorway.  

It's a pretty important point, don't you think? Or was it that in 2013, they hadn't yet discovered that Prayer Man was Oswald? Is that it? You'll have to ask them. 

But now for his hit piece: I shan't give you the link to it because I don't try to increase the traffic of my enemies. Besides, I'll be examining his falsehoods, and since everything he wrote was a falsehood, I'll be presenting the whole thing here anyway. So, you don't need it.

Hasan started by identifying us, the Oswald Innocence Campaign, although I am the only name he mentioned, and what we believe: that Oswald was the Man in the Altgens doorway. Then, he said that that man "has been" identified as Billy Lovelady. Has been? Didn't he mean "was"? 

Then, he claimed that Lovelady and Oswald bear a resemblance to each other. Did they?

Not really. There is no reason to say those two resemble each other. And, Oswald was 5'9" 131 pounds while Lovelady was 5'8" 170 pounds, so how could they be said to physically look alike? It's like saying Laurel and Hardy looked alike. 

Then, he wrote that I insult people "whom disagree" with me. Whom disagree? Isn't English the primary language in Australia? Then again, I doubt he's really from Australia. 

Then, Hasan wrote that he has researched the question extensively and has found no convincing evidence that Oswald was in the doorway. Well, lo and behold, he became convinced, as he became an ardent advocate of Prayer Man and rudely insultes anyone who disagrees with him. It's like he has had a Saul to Paul conversion.

 Then, Hasan claimed that no one claimed that Oswald was in the doorway during the shooting, and that includes Oswald himself! I guess Hasan didn't know about "out with Bill Shelley in front" which Oswald told Fritz and which Fritz wrote down. But, regarding the others, look what happened to Carolyn Arnold. On November 26, 1963, she told FBI agents that she saw Oswald at the doorway (between the double doors) shortly before the shooting. But, by March 1964, that was taken out of her account. At that time, she said she didn't see Oswald at all, and she signed it. The power of persuasion? No, it's the power of fear. It was not OK for anyone to say that they saw Oswald at the doorway. If you thought you did, you didn't. So, don't say it again. She got the point.  

Then, Hasan pointed out that Frazier ID'd Doorman as Oswald. That's true, and Joseph Ball knew ahead of time that he would because he asked him about it directly. But, he wasn't so confident with Lovelady, so he slyly asked him to draw an arrow instead. And Lovelady drew his arrow to another figure.

And, since it is a default situation, like a toggle switch, it means that Lovelady was also identifying Doorman as Oswald. So, that's two people, Oswald and Lovelady, who identified Doorman as Oswald. Frazier identified him as Lovelady, but what does that make Frazier? A liar. Again: it's the power of fear. 

Hasan also claimed that Ruth Dean ID'd Doorman as Lovelady, but I have found no such record of that. I don't believe she was ever shown the Altgens photo and asked to identify Doorman. So, that never happened. It was a misstatement, and if anyone can find evidence of it, I will gladly admit I was wrong. 

I'll point out that the whole argument about the lack of witnesses claiming to see Oswald in the doorway applies as much to Prayer Man as to Doorman. So, how come no witnesses, Hasan? It doesn't seem to bother you about Prayer Man.  

Then, Hasan admitted that Oswald was framed, as demonstrated by the phony Oswald wallet found at the Tippit crime scene and the "demonstrably" phony Backyard photos. Well, we certainly agree about that, but if they had the mindset to alter and falsify images of Oswald BEFORE the assassination, then how could they not be prepared to do so AFTER the assassination?

I should point out that Hasan denies that the lunch room encounter between Oswald and Baker and Truly ever took place. Of course, Baker and Truly said it did, and so did Oswald, since it's in the Fritz Notes. I am not going to go into this because it's a tangent, but I support the work of Gil Jesus who claims not only that Oswald went to the 2nd floor lunch room, but that he used the front stairs to get there, which were next to the doorway.

Those stairs only went to the 2nd floor, so there is NO CHANCE that Oswald came down from the 6th.

Finally, Hasan attacks me for raising suspicions about the deaths of James Altgens and his wife Clara in 1995. Why would they wait over 30 years to kill Altgens if they were going to? Because the ARRB was going on, that's why. The JFK assassination was in the spotlight again. We know that the biggest rash of killings took place during the HSCA. 

I don't claim to know for a fact that Altgens was murdered, but I am highly suspicious that he was. It's because the way the circumstances were laid out, that it was due to a carbon monoxide leak, which is a common way to kill someone and make it look like an accident.

So, who killed Zhvania? I suspect it was Saakashvili, who called him a great patriot. 

We never got an autopsy on Altgens and his wife, and we never saw any followup from Texas authorities on finding out who was responsible because Altgens was rich, and I'm sure he wasn't fiddling with his own furnace. Which service company was responsible for not finding the leak? Weren't they interested? Or, were they going to wait for someone else to die?

Only one comment was received on that blog, which repeated the tired, worn-out claim that the Altgens6 photo was wired to the world at 1 PM. It's a lie. If it were true, then the Altgens6 photo would have been widely published in newspapers on 11/22, and it wasn't. 

And that's it. After that, Hasan Yusuf went on to become an ardent advocate of Oswald in the doorway- as Prayer Man, of course.

Not only do I reject Prayer Man as Oswald on the obvious grounds that they look nothing alike and were dressed nothing alike, but I reject the authenticity of the whole clip. It's claimed to be from Darnell, but we don't see it in any intact version of the Darnell film. Why not? Were they taking scissors to JFK films back then? Why would anybody cut that out? 

But, I deny the authenticity of the whole scene. It's supposed to be less than 10 seconds after the last shot, but where are all the people? I mean the famous people, the cast of characters, Shelley and Lovelady and Stanton and Reese, etc. And who are all those people climbing the steps of the Depository less than 10 seconds after the last shot?

There was no migration into the building less than 10 seconds after the last shot. The so-called Frazier figure at the top of the steps doesn't even look human.

That isn't Frazier, and it isn't anyone else. Nobody could be configured like that. He looks like a fucking cartoon. I reject Prayer Man as Oswald, and I reject the entire clip. It is devoid of evidentiary value. 

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