Sunday, March 6, 2016

Robin Unger is criticizing Larry Rivera for using a flipped image of Oswald in his image overlay. His criticism is unfounded, as I'll explain.

There was a requirement here: to use an image of Oswald that was taken at the same angle as Doorway Man in the Altgens photo. The angles had to match, otherwise, there would have been no point in doing the overlay.

The fact is that Larry couldn't find an image of Oswald with a matching angle. But, the image he used did match very well- once he flipped it.

In his report, Larry most certainly did reveal what he had done. He didn't hide a thing. He wasn't like Unger, who submitted this flipped image of Billy Lovelady without revealing it was flipped.

There were many other falsifications done to this photo by CBS in order to "Oswaldify" Lovelady, but one of them was to flip the image. 

But, in Larry's case, the flipping didn't matter and didn't hurt anything for the simple reason that: people's faces are symmetrical. 

They really are, and there are only two exceptions. The first is the nose. Sometimes, and not infrequently, people have asymmetrical noses. The left side looks different from the right. But, that was not true of Oswald, whose nose was very symmetrical.

 That's about as symmetrical as they get. 

Then, the second thing is the hair, which can be very different from right to left. But, Larry's comparison did not include the hair. He was not considering that.

But everything else works just fine when you flip it: the eyes, the jawline, the lips, the ears, the chin. These facial features tend to be very symmetrical on everybody. So, there was no problem whatsoever in using the flipped image since the angle matched very well.

What's Robin Unger trying to claim here? That the flipped image of Oswald's face was a perfect match to Lovelady's?
The fact is that the reason that these two faces below overlap so well is because it is the same face.

So, this was just another hollow, meaningless attack from Robin Unger- who did not discredit Larry's work the least bit. Larry's overlay is brilliant, and I'll tell you something else: I forked over $50 just to include it in my video of the song Doorway Man. That's because Windows Moviemaker can only accept a gif file if you convert it to an avi file. I bought a program which converts gifs to avi's, and that's how I was able to include it. And you want to know something else? It was worth it.

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