Thursday, March 31, 2016

Anthony Marsh 
6:02 PM (3 hours ago)
On 3/29/2016 8:11 PM, Ralph Cinque wrote:
> Marsh, how dare you? Who do you think you are?  You make a blunt statement
I know I am the most informed researcher here. All you have are kook
theories. I have the facts.

> that Oswald said, when asked about Mexico City, "How do you know about
> that?" and you don't feel the slightest compunction to substantiate it.
> That is truly amazing.
Well, we've only discussed it 7,000 times so maybe you weren't aware of it.

> Oswald was asked about Mexico City at the very first interview, and three
> people who were there: Fritz, Hosty, and Bookhout, All of them reported
> that he denied going there. Furthermore, Hosty and Bookhout said that
No, and you can't show that.

> Oswald qualified it by saying that the only place he had ever been in
> Mexico was Tijuana when he was in the Marines.
Deflection. I was talking about Oswald's reaction to Hosty informing him
that the FBI knew about his trip to Mexico City. That is the reason why
Hoover pulled him out of the interrogations.

> Fast forward to months after Oswald's death to Postal Inspector Harry
> Holmes testimony in which he testified to the Warren Commission about
> being present at Oswald's final interview, and he, Holmes, said that
> Oswald provided details of his trip to Mexico City. Nobody else who
Ahem, I didn't even mention Holmes.

> attended that last interview confirmed anything of what Holmes said about
> it. It was just him. And considering that Oswald had denied making the
Are you saying that in the final interrogation Holmes was all alone with
Oswald so we can't trust what Holmes said? Ok, maybe that's why I didn't
mention Holmes. I mentioned only what Oswald said to Hosty.

> trip initially, there was no explanation given for his reversal. Usually,
Oh OK, so now you admit that Oswald said he did go to Mexico City.
End of discussion. I accept your apology.

> when people do complete 180s, they expound a little bit on why they first
> lied about it. But, supposedly, according to Holmes, Oswald just started
> talking about the trip, in detail, as if he had never denied it. And, he
> definitely had denied it.
Oh, so now you're changing your story. Like Trump. Now you say that Oswald
initially denied going to Mexico City and later admitted it. Fine, it's
the later admission I am talking about. Now your only way out is to claim
that Oswald was lying when he said he went to Mexico City.

If Oswald ad admitted to the murder, you would claim that he was only
lying. Anything to not admit any facts in this case. Complete denial. I
think you need to start a new chapter called the OJ Innocence Campaign.

> It's obvious as Hell that Holmes was lying.
> And I have posted the impostor photos from the Russian and Cuban embassies.
That has no bearing whatsoever on whether Oswald went to Mexico City.
Only on who the CIA thought went to the embassy. Routine incompetence.

> Oswald did NOT go to Mexico City, Marsh, and YOU are an alterationist. You
> alter the truth.
You can't handle the truth. 

Ralph Cinque:

No, Marsh. I'm not changing my story. Oswald NEVER said he went to Mexico City. He denied it. Hosty said he denied it. Bookhout said he denied it. And Fritz said he denied it.

Here is Hosty's WC testimony:

Mr. McCloy. I didn't hear you repeating your testimony that he denied ever having been in Mexico. 
Mr. Hosty. Oh, yes; he was being questioned about his activities outside or the United States, where he had been outside of the United States. He told Captain Fritz that he had only been to Mexico to visit at Tijuana on the border, and then he did admit having been in Russia. 
Mr. McCloy. He only admitted to having been at Tijuana in Mexico? 
Mr. Hosty. Right. 
Mr. McCloy. Not to Mexico City. 
Mr. Hosty. Not to Mexico City; that is right. 
Representative Ford. There was no recording made of this interrogation? 
Mr. Hosty. No, sir; it was notes I took. Agent Bookhout and I took notes, and we dictated from the notes the next day. 
Mr. Stern. Did you ask him any questions? 
Mr. Hosty. No; like I say, he was acting in such a hostile condition towards us that we did not. This was Captain Fritz' interview anyway. We were just sitting in as observers. 

Oswald denied going to Mexico City. Period. He never changed his mind. How could he? If he did, wouldn't he have to explain why he lied in the first place? What's the explanation? There was none. He never wavered. He never went to Mexico City. The only place in Mexico he ever went was Tijuana. That's what he said. And he never exchanged any words with Hosty about it. 

Marsh, your arbitrary decrees, your wild pronouncements, and your wanton skewing of the evidence as your mind twists, turns, and tumbles makes you nothing but blaring noise. I have to wonder about you. Could you really be as Singularly Tethered Uncontrollably Pitifully Indescribably Dense as you seem? It's hard to imagine, but yes, you are. You are that stupid. 

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