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This is a very interesting perspective on the 2016 Presidential campaign and the rise of Donald Trump by OIC senior member Pat Shannan. It was written in September of last year and was quite prescient. It includes commentary about the JFK assassination.


Is Trump Your Choice? The Bigger Picture

by Pat Shannan
Ever since I discovered the secrets of electronic vote rigging, I have had little interest in politics. Well, backtracking for a moment, I didn’t discover it, Jim and Ken Collier (younger than I but both now deceased, hmmm) were the first in Florida 45 years ago, long before the fraud had even evolved to its current electronic chicanery. I only uncovered the information by reading their book – VOTE$CAM – around 1994, and by following the research and evidence of others ever since.

American elections are a joke, a theater charade, which is nothing short of what Donald Trump has been exposing all summer. Truth terrifies the mass liars, and that is all that The Don has been spreading: truth. He says the same things over the Controlled Mass Media microphone to millions that we say to each other in the coffee shops, and his enemies don’t know how to stymie truth. The backroom training confab at Faux News in the hours before an interview has to be: “And if he says that, then you say this” . . . etc. 

The problem they then face is a new one for them. Because Trump doesn’t have to be politically correct, he answers honestly from the heart and not with something that might be more satisfying to voters back home. He has no voters back home. He is trying to wrest that attitude away from the powers in DC and put it back in the hands of We, the People. I believe that of this date, September of 2015, Donald Trump might just be for real.

But I did watch some of the televised debate last month, mainly to see just how far out on the back-stabbing limb the questioners might climb before Trump would chop it off – and that was pretty much what happened. Probably the most courageous response by Trump was his raising of his hand when the loaded question – obviously aimed right at him by Bret Baier – was Is there anyone on stage, and can I see hands? who is unwilling tonight to pledge your support to the eventual nominee of the Republican party and pledge to not run an independent campaign against that person. Again, we’re looking for you to raise your hand now — raise your hand now if you won’t make that pledge tonight. Trump was the only one to do so.

Of course, the big news of the next day was Donald Trump’s honest reaction, reflected as “a shill for Hillary and the Democrats,” etc., because an independent campaign by Trump would almost certainly split the conservative vote to the point of rendering a Republican win impossible.

But the bigger news to those of us paying attention was that Donald Trump had just received a promise from everyone else standing there that they were pledging their campaign-long support, from convention to election, if he should become the Republican candidate. This includes Sen. Rand Paul, who is definitely not a “chip off the old block” and seems to become a little more obnoxious with each public appearance, while Trump continues to snatch away more of Paul’s former followers.

But we’ve got news for ya’: he can’t make it – at least not the Donald Trump that is running in 2015. The same guy will not be allowed to reappear as President in 2017. It’s against the rules.
stifle-free-speechWe’ve said it before, but it’s time for a reminder. November 22, 1963 was the day the rules for the new game were announced to the world and especially the American candidates. Every incoming new occupant of the Oval Office has the unspoken words of a half century ago ringing in his ears: “Just because we gave you the title of President does not mean you are in charge, Bub, and you’d better not forget it.” JFK, liberal as he appeared at the time, was just not part of the Brotherhood, and its members knew he could not be converted.

Statism is a religion, and like all religions, it involves doctrines. The official story of the JFK assassination instantly became a doctrine that all loyal Americans would accept and honor. Never mind the obvious facts of the impossibility of a single assassin, it became the new litmus test for patriotism. And shutting down the rational, observant, independent mind is what every loyal subject of the state does on command; and especially at a time of crisis. (Remember America’s blind and stupid trusting of those ridiculous 9/11 reports?)

Ronald Reagan, maybe because of being caught up in the excitement of fulfilling his greatest acting role ever, did forget it during the first nine weeks he was in the White House and (maybe because of Nancy’s Astrological influence) actually believed he was President of the United States. But then the Silent Brotherhood had a young nut named John Hinckley, Jr. remind him that he was not. But how many Americans know that John Hinckley, Sr., known as “Jack,” was Vice President George H.W. Bush’s close friend; and that he had another son, Scott Hinckley, who just happened to have a dinner engagement that same evening of March 30, 1981 with his close friend in Denver, Neil Bush? Thanks to the Internet, you can still pull up the tape of NBC News anchor John Chancellor announcing this “ironic coincidence.”

Reagan finally realized that he was the popular figurehead placed there to please the Brotherhood and nobody else. And for the next eight years, that’s exactly what he did. All things considered, it was more fun than dying in office.
Some other potential Oval Office Occupants have forgotten in the past, and the saga of Bobby Kennedy is the replay we might look for next June. By that time, the club members will have decided if Trump has become “one of us” or still “one of them” whose plane must crash before the national convention.

If they are confident that he has joined their Brotherhood (or at least agreed to cooperate with their New World Order plans), it will be entertaining to watch the mad rush by the current crop of debate losers scrambling to be the Vice Presidential Republican candidate on the Trump ticket; as it may prove to be the more valuable position in the long run, should Trump become another establishment-defying problem.

And remember this: Trump will not be making the decision. Just as JFK was forced to accept LBJ as his VP and Reagan was told by David Rockefeller to bring on George Bush, you can bet your house and car that if Donald Trump is the Republican candidate, he will be backed up by one of the Brotherhood’s own. It will be a four or eight-year policy insuring that Trump will stay in line.
And it always works, one way or the other. 

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