Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Oswald Innocence Campaign is making history. We are studying history, but we are also making it. The formation of the OIC in July 2012 is one of the biggest developments in the aftermath of the JFK assassination. 

There have been books by authors such as Mark Lane, Jim Douglass, Doug Horne, and John Armstrong. And their books are of great historical importance. But, a book is not a network. There is strength in numbers: people who are organized. And that's what we are: a group of people who are organized with a purpose: to exonerate Lee Harvey Oswald. 

And there is not going to be any other organization set up to exonerate Lee Harvey Oswald, and I'll tell you why: it's because we not only declare his innocence, we establish his alibi.  And that's essential. Imagine if Oswald had lived and gone to court. Imagine if his lawyer tried to defend him without establishing where Oswald was at the time of the shots. Imagine if he said: 

"We can't tell you where Oswald was at the time of the shots, but he wasn't on the 6th floor shooting at the President."

What would the jury think? They would think that they can't say where he was because he was on the 6th floor shooting at the President. A legal defense of Oswald at trial would definitely have to include a presentation of his alibi. So, that is what we are doing, and that is what anybody would have to do in order to defend him. 

It is also what a rival organization to the OIC would have to do. So, if they don't like what we claim- that he was in the doorway during the shots- where are they going to put him? Where are they going to say he was?

The lunch room? But, like everyone else, Oswald got off work at 11:45 with the understanding that the President was going to arrive at 12:25. So, why would Oswald put off eating lunch for 40 minutes only to eat it at 12:30 when he had absolutely nothing else to do? He had no book to read. He had no letter to write. He had no game to play. He had no appointment to keep. He had no errand to run. And he hadn't eaten a thing that day and had worked all morning. So, why the hell wouldn't he eat promptly when he got off work at 11:45? It doesn't even make sense as a behavior to think that he would do otherwise. Put off eating for 40 minutes for no reason at all? Why would anyone do that? Why would anyone claim that Oswald did that? And why would anyone who claimed it claim to be an Oswald defender?

Do you have any other idea as to where Oswald was at the time of the shots? And more importantly, do you think it's anything that an organization could be built around? 

I didn't think so, and that is why I say that there is not going to be any other advocacy organization for Oswald's innocence besides the Oswald Innocence Campaign. It is just going to be us, and we are going to keep growing and expanding and enlarging like a snowball. 

And the whole thing is going to end with us taking it across the finish line. When the official story is officially crushed, it will be us who are credited with the crushing. 

But, hold on tight. It may be a wild ride. 

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