Thursday, March 31, 2016 
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Then why did Oswald type and sign a letter saying that he DID go to Mexico

Oswald went to Mexico City. Period. Case CLOSED!

Corrective Regards,

Tim Brennan
Sydney, Australia 

Ralph Cinque:

Oswald did NOT type and sign that letter. It's not his letter. It's just another forgery. 

Notice that in typing "Of course" he supposedly typed "Of cores". 

Of cores? That isn't even a reasonable mistake that anyone would make. Oswald was smart enough to teach himself Russian, yet that's how he spelled "Of course", a term that is extremely common and repeatedly and frequently used on an every-day basis? 

On, they list the most common misspellings for words. This is what they list for "of course"

Common misspellings:
ofcourse (90%)
ofcorse (4%)
offcourse (2%)

Of cores? Oswald actually typed "Of cores" for "Of course" in a letter to the Russian Embassy?

You are stupid enough to believe it, Brennan. 

Somebody else sent that letter; it was not Oswald. 

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